Freezer Door Pecan Pie Cocktail

Enjoy the rich, nutty flavors of a Pecan Pie cocktail anytime with this easy-to-make batch recipe. Pre-mix and freeze, then pour and enjoy! Perfect for entertaining or a cozy night in. Get the recipe on our website.

a year ago

Last week, I started a new series on freezer door cocktails. If the term is new to you, it's an all-in-one pre-mixed drink right in the liquor bottle that can be made ahead and left in the freezer until ready to serve, or to just have a delicious cocktail on hand at all times. Thank you to for the background information. This week's cocktail is a repeat from Thanksgiving 2021. However, after posting that great cocktail, I made a freezer door version, so without delay, here is the updated version. Don’t worry about taking notes, as I am giving out the ingredients and instructions, which are always posted on our website.

Freezer Door Pecan Pie Recipe



In an empty bottle pour the Rumchata, Dark Chocolate Liqueur and Bourbon. Shake throughly and place in Freezer for the right opportunity.

To serve

Take bottle out of freezer. Make sure that the top is secure and give the bottle a few shake to make sure that no separation has occurred. Pour into chilled martini glass and top with a dollop of whipping cream.

As always I am open to hear your take and your input.

Brian Certain

Published a year ago