Jimmy Red Corn

We all remember this song from our childhood about "Jimmy Cracked corn and I don't care?" Well, I was reading my favorite magazine this month "Garden and Gun," and after

5 years ago

We all remember this song from our childhood about "Jimmy Cracked corn and I don't care?" Well, I was reading my favorite magazine this month "Garden and Gun," and after reading this article " Jimmy Cracked corn and I DO Care!"

In this month's copy (December 2018 - January 2019) they awarded the "Made in the South" awards. This years Overall winner and the winner of the Drink Category was a before unheard of by me Bourbon out of Charleston South Carolina.

That's right a Bourbon out of South Carolina and it is made out of 100% almost extinct Jimmie Red Corn. The article had me from the beginning and I contacted High Wired Distilling about where this amazing Bourbon could be found in Texas. They contacted me the next day and told me that it was available only at Pogo Fine Wine and Spirits in North Dallas between the Tollway and Central Expressway.

I shared the article with my best friend and fellow enthusiast (and future contributor) Hugh Hunton, and off he went. Several hours later he returned with not only the New Southern Revival Straight Bourbon made with the Jimmy Red corn but the New Southern Revival 4 Grain Bourbon Whiskey. Talk about Christmas arriving early!

Well it was after 5 and after working part of the day putting this website together I though this would make a good first review entry.

The color of Jimmy Red Corn Whiskey

As you can see, even having just 2 years of age on it, the color is spectacular.

The Reviews

New Southern Revival Straight Bourbon Bottled in Bond

Made from 100% Jimmy Red Corn.

Corn Whiskey is usually just one note (think moonshine) but this is anything but one note on the nose. I thought an entire band was playing.

NOSE: The nose is sweet but with hints of something special to some. There were hints of caramel and cinnamon as well as oak. I really got a nice buttered popcorn around the edges.

COLOR: The color is a warm Amber and it's got great legs from the sugar.

TASTE: The first sip was surprisingly complex and not what I expected from a 100 proof bourbon. The finish was long and pleasant and no hint of a burn from the Bottled in Bond Bourbon. I tasted the corn but also some hints of banana and the buttery warmness of a good toffee.

FINAL NOTES: This is a bottle that I am glad to have been able to try and at $100 is at the edge of something that I would be willing to try as an unknown Bourbon but with the high praise from "Garden and Gun" I felt that I was not going to be disappointed. I was not.

New Southern Revival 4 Grain Bourbon Whiskey

This is a more typical Bourbon Mash bill Distilled from a mash of heirloom white corn, red winter wheat, malted barley, and Carolina Gold rice. It comes in a 94 proof and there is no age statement.

NOSE: At the nose it comes off as young. Not unexpected as this is a new Distillery. However there is a slight harshness as the nosing lingers but as with the Jimmy Red there are hints of banana.

COLOR: Nice Amber color but slightly lighter than the Jimmy red. I am assuming that the darker color from the Jimmy red is partly coming from the corn and not all from the barrel. I wonder what the Jimmy red white dog looks like going in the barrel?

TASTE: Because of the slight harshness on the nose I let this one sit for a couple of minutes to open up. First sip is pleasantly warming and full bodied. It is sweet which is not surprising with the corn, wheat and rice in the mash bill but not overly so, actually just the right amount that I like in other wheated bourbons. There are notes of corn, cherry, wood and vanilla.

FINAL NOTES: I feel that at $60 this is not a stretch but maybe a little high compared to others on the market. Definitely better than some other young or new Distilleries that I have had. I am grateful for the opportunity to try this new Bourbon.

Brian Certain

Published 5 years ago