Freezer Door Paper Hornet

Here's a pro tip for making a freezer door Paper Hornet cocktail using Screwball whiskey, Banana Liqueur, and Fernet-Branca.

a year ago

Last week, I started a new series on freezer door cocktails. If the term is new to you, it's an all-in-one pre-mixed drink right in the liquor bottle that can be made ahead and left in the freezer until ready to serve (or just to have a delicious cocktail on hand at all times). Thank you to for the background information.

This week's cocktail is partially a repeat from June 23, 2021. However, this was at the end of the post, and I am always amazed when people miss this pro tip for a freezer door version. Don't worry about taking notes as I am giving out the ingredients and instructions. They are always posted on our website.

From June 23, 2021:

Here is my pro bar tip. I buy two bottles of Screwball whiskey and one of Banana Liqueur and one of Fernet-Branca. I pour off 1/3 of both bottles of whiskey into another vessel and then pour the Banana Liqueur into the 2 bottles. Next, I pour the amount that I poured off back into the Banana Liqueur bottle. I then add 1 and 1/2 ounces of Fernet-Branca into each bottle along with 2 oz of water. Finally, I place all three bottles in my freezer, so I have a ready-to-serve, already chilled cocktail ready to serve my guests.

To serve the cocktail, take the bottle out of the freezer, and making sure that the top is tight, give the bottle a few shakes to make sure that no separation has occurred. Open the bottle and pour into a chilled Coupe or Martini glass.

As always, I am open to hearing your take and your input. You can reach me at [email protected].

Brian Certain

Published a year ago