Capture bright, sunny flavors in this herbaceous mango mule cocktail

5 months ago

Today I am doing the second installment of mocktails for Dry January.

Capture bright, sunny flavors in this herbaceous mango mule cocktail. The combination of fresh mango, zesty citrus, floral thyme, and spicy ginger beer makes for a lively tropical drink that's perfect for sipping. The Seedlip Spice 94 is a warm, aromatic blend of Allspice & Cardamom with fresh citrus top notes to balance the long bitter finish

The Mango Mule Thyme mocktail



The muddled mango provides tropical sweetness and flavor, while the lime juice adds brightness. Muddling the thyme gently releases its grassy, floral notes without overpowering. Finally, the ginger beer ties everything together with its spicy effervescence.

This fruity, herbaceous mule is refreshing and full of summer flavor. The combination of mango, citrus, ginger, and thyme makes for a lively mocktail that's perfect for Dry January sipping

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Brian Certain

Published 5 months ago