Cucumber Honeydew Mocktail

this blended cocktail is the essence of summer in a glass

5 months ago

Today is part 4 of cocktails for Dry January.

Make the most of the summer's bounty with this light and pleasantly sweet blended cocktail showcasing cool cucumber and melon flavors.

Cucumber Honeydew Mocktail




The honeydew and cucumber blend together for a sweet melon flavor with bright garden notes. The lemon juice perks everything up with some tart citrus while the mint leaves lend a whisper of herbal freshness.

Shaking dilutes the drink for a lighter, more refreshing mouthfeel. The touch of agave nectar balances out the tartness.

Overall, this blended cocktail is the essence of summer in a glass. Refreshing melon and cucumber flavors mingle with bright citrus and herbs for a light, garden-inspired beverage. Sip this cocktail poolside or enjoy as a palate cleanser between courses at a summer dinner party.

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Brian Certain

Published 5 months ago